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Main feature:

★ Drip and fog-eliminating period synchronized with the film

Existing shed films in China generally last only 3-6 months. A layer of technical underwear was added to the film using high-end technical additives from the United States. Efficiently suppress fog generation. Water droplets form a uniform film of water on the membrane surface. The drip fogging period can reach 3-5 years. Effectively reduce the humidity inside the shed, reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, and people feel comfortable working in the shed.

★ Stronger film mechanical properties

Due to the use of high-tech polyolefin raw materials from Exxon, the film strength of 0.08mm exceeds the national standard of 0.12mm. It is resistant to stretching and abrasion and has strong wind resistance. It is especially suitable for roller blinds.

★ Longer film life (year to five years of life)

The film has high strength and long service life. The gold sunshine life of 0.1 mm thickness can reach more than 3 years, and it can be used continuously for many years without replacement.

★ Excellent optical performance

High-tech cutting-edge technology, polymer synthesis, light transmittance of more than 92%, the use of the second year can still reach a high light transmittance. Warm up in the morning and keep warm at night. Especially in the same light conditions in winter, the effect is very obvious; it is more obvious for continuous cloudy and foggy days. The temperature can be raised in a short time.

★ Better insulation performance

Because the film contains a special insulation agent. Most of the heat radiated from the radiant inside the shed is reflected back. Effectively locks in heat. The formulation can be adjusted to make the PO film produced more insulative than EVA and PVC film.

★ Stronger high temperature performance

Can be shackled all year round, not affected by the season, to avoid adhesion of film in summer.

★ Anti-static, non-sticky

Surface antistatic treatment. There is no precipitate, it is not easy to adsorb dust, and it has the effect of maintaining high light transmission for a long time.

★ Reduce pests and diseases, suitable for pollution-free vegetable production

The golden sunlight makes the shed full of light, warms up quickly, releases the wind early, reduces the relative humidity, and the pests and diseases are light. High UV transmittance, good bactericidal performance, can reduce the number of medications by more than 30%. Ideal for green, environmentally friendly vegetable growing.

★ Increase production and income, and raise the morning market

The light transmission performance is good, the photosynthesis is strong, the temperature is high, and the yield is naturally high. Can be increased by 10-25%. Crop production is fast, generally 5-10 days in the morning.

★ The color of the crop is bright, the taste is good, the quality is high

The ordinary film has a low ultraviolet transmittance, and the golden sunlight transmits moderate ultraviolet light, so that the vegetables in the greenhouse are similar to the field planting environment, and the planted fruits are brightly colored, have a good sense of quality, and have superior quality.

★ Compared with similar products in Japan, it has more product price advantage

Tianhe Plastic

Tianhe Plastic

Comparison of the effect of sunlight PO functional film and internal additive type agricultural film roaching after 4 months on the shed


1. The structure of the greenhouse is reasonable and conforms to the shed structure recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture. When the shed is tight, it is appropriate. No wrinkles to ensure smooth water flow.

2. When the shed is shackled, reading the words from outside the shed is the correct method of deduction, and must not be deducted.

3, the frame is sprayed with white paint or rust-proof treatment; there should be no burrs on the contact with the film to avoid stabbing the film.

4, the coating film in the process of transporting the shed, pay attention not to rub, so as not to damage the coating layer, resulting in local droplets and fogging performance failure.

5. In July, August, September and October of the Gregorian calendar, due to strong light and high temperature, the service life of the film is calculated for 2 months in 2 months.

6. The fog reduction standard of the fog-reducing film is implemented according to the inspection standards formulated by the Shouguang Technical Supervision Bureau.

7. In the initial stage of use, the film surface has transparent hanging drops, which is a normal phenomenon. There are sporadic water tablets in the process of use, which is a normal phenomenon.

8. Pay attention to the location and frequency of spraying pesticides to avoid contact with the membrane surface, resulting in shortened service life of the membrane. Frequent sulfur fumigation also affects the life of the membrane.

9. The film should be stored in a cool, dry, clean and ventilated warehouse. Place it properly to avoid scratching.

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