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Polyethylene common shed film

The product has the characteristics of heat preservation and moisture retention, and can be used as a cover cultivation for crops with short growth period, such as fast-growing rapeseed, celery, radish, and Chinese cabbage. It can be used for rain-proof cover cultivation, and can also be used for the packaging of clamshells, agricultural and sideline products, electromechanical products, and industrial products.

Ordinary mulch

The product maintains heat, protects the earth, improves the ground temperature, improves the utilization rate of light, reduces pests and diseases, reduces the amount of pesticides, and promotes root growth and development. In addition to the function of ordinary mulch film, the drip film can improve light transmittance and heat preservation performance, and promote the growth of crops during seedling stage.

Tianhe Plastic

Instructions for use:

1. The lighting roof angle of the greenhouse should be determined according to the recommended angle of the agricultural technology department in the area of use. The unreasonable structure of the shed will affect the dripping effect of the film and the lighting effect of the greenhouse.

2, should choose to hang shed on sunny days with high temperature and no wind.

3. When the shed is shed, the film surface should be smooth and wrinkle-free, but the tension should not be too large.

4, after the buckle shed, apply the film line reinforcement.

5. In order to facilitate the farmers to buckle the shed, the film can be double-welded on-line.

Tianhe Plastic


Precautions for use:

1. The structure of the greenhouse is reasonable and conforms to the shed structure recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture. When the shed is tight, it is appropriate. No wrinkles to ensure smooth water flow.

2. When the shed is shackled, reading the words from outside the shed is the correct method of deduction, and must not be deducted.

3. Spray white paint or anti-rust treatment on the skeleton; there should be no burrs on the contact with the film to avoid stabbing the film.

4. The mulch should be laid in the shed, pay attention to ventilation and temperature regulation, and avoid the effect of dripping on the humidity in the shed.

5. In June, July and August of the Gregorian calendar, the temperature of the film is too high, and the service life of the film is calculated for 2 months in 2 months.

6. The fog reduction standard of the fog-reducing film is implemented in accordance with the inspection standards established by the Shouguang Technical Supervision Bureau.

7. Pay attention to the location and frequency of spraying pesticides to avoid the contact of pesticides with the membrane surface, resulting in shortened service life of the membrane. Frequent sulfur fumigation also affects the life of the membrane.

8. The film should be stored in a cool, dry, clean and ventilated warehouse to avoid sticking.

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