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Functional agricultural film

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  • Flower special film

    Special heat preservation agent that provides longer-lasting protection in environments with high solar radiation intensity, high transparency and strong tear resistance. Make the flowers bright in color, early in the flowering period and long in the flowering period, and successfully complete the five-year farmland experiment.

  • Kumquat special film

    With strong tear resistance and excellent puncture resistance, it is especially suitable for kumquat covering in coastal and windy areas.

  • Grape special membrane

    The film has improved puncture resistance and tear resistance, and added UV blocking agent to improve the sugar content and coloring of crops, increase production and income, and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

  • Watermelon special film

    The high content of metallocene raw materials and nano-level additives makes the product have a light transmittance that is significantly better than that of ordinary watermelon film, which helps to obtain better photosynthesis, and is conducive to the early maturity of watermelon, which can be launched 7-10 days ahead of schedule.

  • Strawberry special film

    Fast heating, good light transmission, early listing, increased production and income, are conducive to the coloring of strawberries, adding special additives to reduce the occurrence of strawberry diseases and insect pests.

  • Ginger special dimming film

    Significantly improves the utilization efficiency of light energy by ginger, enhances photosynthesis, promotes plant growth, increases ginger yield, and reduces the cost of sunshade nets.

  • Golden Sunshine Agricultural PO Film

    The existing domestic shed film generally only lasts 3-6 months. A layer of technical underwear is added to the film using high-end American technical additives.

  • Junengbao PO film

    Junengbao special film for cucumber: a long-lasting dripping and anti-fogging film with the high-tech polyolefin from Exxon in the United States added with nano-level high-efficiency thermal insulation agent as the base film, and the high-end technical additives in the United States as the coating.

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