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Product manual:

This product is a kind of packaging film with self-adhesiveness, stretchability and high flexibility on one or both sides. It is directly used for dustproof, moistureproof, rustproof and anti-scattering. Widely used in industrial products, packaging and transportation of bulk goods, protection of various pipes and plates, packaging protection of ring-shaped articles for tires and cables, packaging of grazing reserve for green storage, and retail foods and vegetables in supermarkets. Packaging and more.

Tianhe Plastic

Product Features:

1. Excellent transparency, high stretching temperature and good tensile properties.

2. Single-sided or double-sided self-adhesive, high puncture resistance, long-lasting retraction memory.

3. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, in line with the requirements of instrument hygiene standards.

4. Economical, flexible, convenient, safe and reliable.



Packaging characteristics

Full width packaging

The whole package of the goods is beautiful, moisture-proof and good overall.


When the batch size is small, either repack the product after opening the goods or repair the damaged package. When the batch size is large, the winding machine is wrapped, generally in the range of 15 to 80 trays/hour.

Tray packaging

1. Conventional stretching (ie, drag type): The stretching ratio is less than 100%. The stretching occurs between the rolls of the tray film, and the film is wound by the goods on the tray, and a braking force is generated on the film roll to adjust the tension. When the winding is concentrated, the stress at the edge is relatively concentrated, the material consumption is different, it is difficult to control, and the load of the wrapped goods is not uniform, but the investment of the winding machine is small.
2, ordinary pre-tension: up to 200% pre-tension, the film is stretched separately before wrapping the goods, in order to reduce the amount of film for each tray, so that the goods are relatively stable, stretching occurs between two adjacent reels, the stretch ratio adjustable. Since the stretching process is between a small two-axis, the friction is large, the film is controlled, and the width is not narrowed, which reduces material consumption and does not degrade the stability of the cargo.
3, electric pre-tension: up to 300% pre-tension, stretched on the cargo, reel, motor drive, can be controlled separately, very flexible.

Reel winding

The product is protected by winding a roll of paper or carpet.


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