Polyethylene anti-aging film

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PE dripping anti-aging film (long life without drops)

It is produced by high-efficiency dripping agent and light stabilizer. It has the characteristics of good dripping performance, excellent heat preservation performance, good light transmittance and long service life. It is suitable for large, medium and small shed cover cultivation.

PE dripping anti-aging film (PE-EVA composite film)

The addition of an appropriate amount of imported EVA and high transparency and puncture resistant resin production is much improved in terms of transparency, tear resistance, flexibility, and heat retention than PE drip resistant aging film (long life without dripping). It is a special product for watermelon, pepper, bean and other fruit and vegetable crops, and has a high reputation in the market.

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PE dripping anti-aging anti-fog film

The imported anti-fogging agent is added on the basis of PE dripping anti-aging film (long life without dripping), which increases the anti-fog function of the product.

Applicable crops: fruits and vegetables (cucumber, melon, strawberry, tomato, eggplant, pepper, watermelon, etc.) and flowers.

Polyethylene anti-aging film (long life film)

Adding high-efficiency light stabilizer, the service life can be more than doubled compared with ordinary shed film. have

Excellent thermal insulation performance, high mechanical strength and excellent tensile properties, can be used for large, medium and small sheds

The cover can also be used as a substrate for grouting the droplet-reducing film.

Polyethylene anti-aging film (high transparent strength long life film)

Adding a high-transparency, puncture-resistant high-grade resin to the anti-aging film, and increasing the temperature quickly.

High transparency, flexibility, puncture resistance and environmental stress crack resistance.

Tianhe Plastic

Five olds life film

All are made of imported high-efficiency long-acting light stabilizers and high-quality resins. It has high strength, excellent puncture resistance and aging resistance, and has a continuous service life of five years. Applicable to factory-connected greenhouses, inflatable sheds, etc., which can greatly reduce the cost of laminating. Can be used to grow a variety of fruit and vegetable crops, flowers and breeding purposes.

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