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Physically removing the grass film: In addition to the function of the common film, the grass film is mainly used to control farmland weeds.

a. Physical removal of grass film: such as Huadun dark green film, black / transparent / black color film, through the color of the film itself, blocking weeds for effective light for photosynthesis, to achieve weed control purposes. When using a color matching mulch, the crop is placed in a transparent part, which is good for transmitting sunlight and rapidly increasing the temperature; the black part inhibits weed growth and promotes root growth and development. It is especially suitable for all kinds of floor coverings in tobacco, strawberry and greenhouse.

b. Color matching mulch: The film surface structure is black/transparent/black. The crop is placed in a transparent part, which is good for absorbing sunlight and rapidly increasing the ground temperature. The black part prevents weed growth and is beneficial to root growth and development. It is especially suitable for the ground cover of tobacco, strawberry and various vegetables in the greenhouse.

Type I is suitable for corn, cotton, garlic, peanuts, potatoes, sugar cane and other field crops. It has a wide range of herbicides and can effectively control various weeds such as crabgrass, valerian, foxtail, bluegrass, purslane, gray ash and so on. The herbicide rate is over 90%.

Type II is suitable for field crops such as cotton and watermelon.

Please pay attention to the scope and conditions of crop use when using. Farm application test must be carried out before the application of crops within the indicated range. Black, dark green mulch film seasons should not be used for live broadcast.

Degradable mulch: The fully biodegradable mulch film is used in the same degree as the existing common mulch film. After use, it can combine the light, temperature, humidity, minerals and microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.) in the environment. Naturally decomposed, the final product is a plastic film of water, carbon dioxide and biomass, and the decomposed products and residues do not pose any harm to the environment. This kind of mulch film is mainly made of whole biodegradable resin material, blended with other biodegradable materials, blown film processing, and does not contain any ordinary plastic components.

In recent years, Tianhe has been committed to research and development of high-end biodegradable mulch films and other products. The product degradation time is more than 90 days, which basically meets the planting needs of different vegetable varieties in different regions. Since last year, Tianhe has developed a variety of biodegradable mulch films and other products, which have been tested, demonstrated and promoted in Shandong, Xinjiang and Gansu.

Dropping mulch: Made from a variety of high-quality raw materials, through three-layer co-extrusion compound blow molding. It is mainly used for spring and autumn seasons.

Specification range

Width: 2-16m

Thickness: 0.06—0.12m

Color: light blue

Note: This variety must not be used during the summer.

Black mulch: The black mulch film can better limit the growth of various weeds in addition to the common mulch film to improve the ground temperature and moisture retention. In summer, it can lower the ground temperature; it can make the roots of various crops such as strawberries and tobacco leaves developed. improve product quality.

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