Cold shrink film

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Cold shrink film:

The film can be applied anywhere in the cargo - at the bottom of the tray, at the top of the tray or just as a stretch film strip. No loose film ends – ideal for high-rise stack storage, which can be packaged using film covers, film tubes (top openings), or film strips. It is even possible to use a tubular film without a hem to package. Film rolls can be easily replaced at ground level. The end of the previous roll of film can be bonded, glued or stitched to a roll of spare film and then automatically fed into the film feed system. The film is opened by vacuum and mechanical fixing. Easy to replace film seals and cutting devices. No need for any tools, just open the "lock" and you can pull out and replace the magnetic seal. The single film feeder has a wide moving space to facilitate the replacement of the magnetic strip seal and the cutting blade.

Cold shrink film


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