Cucumber special film of JuNengBao brand

Cucumber special film of JuNengBao brand

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Cucumber special film in JuNengBao brand is a kind of long term anti-drip polyethylene greenhouse film with coating based on USA Exxon Mobil high-tech polyolefin adding nano high insulation agent film and Coating of high end technology assistant.

Comparison of properties of cucumber special film in JuNengBao brand and PVC membrane: The same size of the material into the same amount of in the 60℃ water, in the 23℃ environment, record the change of the water temperature of them.

The experimental results show that: cucumber special film in JuNengBao brand can completely reach the PVC membrane’s effect.

Comparison of UV transmittance of cucumber special film in JuNengBao brand and PVC membrane. The film of JuNengBao brand is 6 times of PVC membrane.

The growth of vegetables is very good, the effect is obvious.

Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology experiment report about producing greenhouse in Shouguang

Analysis of the possibility about JuNengBao brand film instead of PVC membrane.

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The above test proves that the special film of Ju Neng Bao Cucumber can fully achieve the insulation performance of PVC film.

UV transmittance of Ju Neng Bao film and PVC film: UV transmittance of G-energy film and PVC film is measured by UV-Vis spectrophotometer, as shown below:

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The UV transmittance of the Synthetic Film is 6 times that of the PVC film. High UV transmittance, good bactericidal performance, reduced disease, inhibition of madness, short plant growth, large single fruit, more fruit set, obvious effect of increasing yield, and good taste and color.

High UV transmittance is beneficial to vitamin D synthesis and prevents osteoporosis in workers.

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As of June 8, 2013, the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province entrusted the Agricultural Experts Group to collate the test data of Ju Neng Bao Cucumber Special Film, Coating Antifogging No Drop Film, EVA Antifogging Film and PVC Film.

The production location is the vegetable base of Shouguang Vegetable Industry Group Co., Ltd. The measurement targets are the wintering sorghum in the solar greenhouse and the winter and spring squash.

The Twilight Greenhouse has the same structure and size, covering different insulation films. The overwintering coating was coated with anti-fog and no drip film, and the PVC film was used as the control. In winter and spring, the Ju Neng Bao cucumber film and the coated anti-fog without dripping film were used, and the EVA anti-fog without dripping film was used as the control.

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Analysis of the possibility of Ju Nengbao replacing PVC film

1. Heat-insulating property: cucumber special film in JuNengBao brand can completely reach the PVC membrane’s effect.

2.UV-light: JuNengBao brand film has a transmission through the various wavelengths of UV-light, but PVC membrane don’t reach the effect.

3.Visible light: They have the same effect in the early stage, but the visible light transmittance of PVC membrane decreases sharply, and result in low yield because of its color change and dust.

4.Drip defogging function: JuNengBao brand film has excellent performance in this function, and the function is accompanied by the film.

5.Mechanical property: In the last few years of PVC film use period, the mechanical properties decreased significantly, the strong wind easily broken bursting. But JuNengBao brand film can overcome the shortcoming. It has strong puncture resistance so that it can adapt to the rolling machine operation.

6.Pesticide dosage and disease: JuNengBao brand film has the role of sterilization, low dosage of pesticides, to provide protection for the production of green vegetables.

7.Life: JuNengBao brand film life can reach 3-5 years. PVC material needs to replace the new film every year.

8. Film width specifications: JuNengBao brand film’s width is 1-16m, complete specifications. PVC material is limited.

9. Plasticizer: JuNengBao brand film does not add any plasticizer. The PVC film contains a large amount of plasticizer.

10. Health effects: People are not easy to produce osteoporosis, and feel comfortable in low air humidity.

11. Fruit and vegetable quality: Using JuNengBao brand film can make the crops with bright color, good taste and high quality.

12. Yield: Yield per acre increases about 30%.

13. Mature stage: Crops mature ahead of time from 7 days to 15 days.

14. Profit: Crops is early maturity, and increase yield. Income per mu can increase nearly 10 thousand yuan.

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